A record of art by Logan Ilczyszyn

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Older Work

Some older concept art for an educational animation. 


MT said...

It's hard to believe that this is you doing these drawings. It seems like yesterday that you were struggling with drawing simple things.

Here's my thoughts:
On the first guy, I think it could've been a good idea to scale up the head size a bit. Also, from a cartooning perspective, the hands could be simplified. There's no need to include details of the knuckles and joints unless you're going for a exaggeration effect i.e. Ren and Stimpy style. Here, he's just waving. The crocs were a nice touch. Maybe his feet could've been bigger or way smaller. Remember, in cartoons, the object is to make something funny. Love the eyes and the haircut.

MT said...

Oh, I see. Two different posts.

The next drawing is good too.

At first, I was confused with the girl's body. She's shaking hands with the dog right? That's kind of what it looks like. Kind of. I think it's the bend of the waist that confuses me, looks awkward.

Another thing is the dog's lack of neck/chin. it almost looks like the tongue is coming out of its neck. Where's the collar on that dog?!