A record of art by Logan Ilczyszyn

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Going Back

This was done some years ago when you first could actually sculpt in Zbrush. We were tasked with finding a classic Greek sculpture and reproducing it as close as possible.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Got some new equipment and sketchbooks. Its amazing how much having some decent tools help make your art look so much better.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Venture

Well, I've ordered my very own 3D printer. I've done the research. I've talked to artist who know a thing or two about what I'm looking into. It looks like I'm getting into the toy making biz. After making a going away gift for one of my best friends, I felt that this is something that I can realistically get into. Currently me and my wife are looking into moving to a city that has more culture. Well, maybe not culture, but they like buying shit to clutter up their apartments, and why not make that my shit. Right?

A Sketch For A Toy By Phil McVann

My 3 Hour Sculpt
My interpretation of our theme and his sketch. Not to bad for 3 hours of work and teaching 2 other 2D artist how to sculpt in Zbrush at the same time.

A Fresh Start

James has left our studio, and to honer him, I suggested we made a gift for him out of the gopher that I had modeled for one of our games. I worked with the local college, they have a great 3D printer, and they were willing to make the print for free. HELL YEAH! The only problem was I made the original model in 2 hours and it was not put together all that well, the seams were broken, meshes were hidden, but it did the job that was needed of it, but its not what they needed for a good print. So I decided to do a fresh sculpt. Something a little more organic, but staid true to the idea of what I had originally made. So below I'll post a timeline of where things came from and ended up.

Original Sketch.

First Model
Changes were made to the design as I was working on it, they realized for the 2d artist and animators they need to make him simpler for the animations. I liked having the fur on the cheeks, but they get what they want.

Render of the Resculpt
I took a little creative freedom with this model. I think it made him softer and more toy like. The old model seemed just to, bleh.

Printer Booth Pics

The Prints Are Done!
The black material is a support material that is needed to print areas that have overhanging parts that need, well... support. I took 22 hours to print all 3 of these models.

Finished Product
This is the final product, not bad for painting in the cold over 2 days. We have a little touch up work to do. We also added a wood base to give it some weight. The 3D print, even when painted, was so light that it was easily knocked over.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Game Over Gopher Wallpaper

Game Over Gopher, I modeled and rendered a "real" version of our cartoon game and made two promo wallpapers. Hope you all enjoy!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pinups and Pistons: Final Shirt Designs

These T-shirt designs were for a local hot-rod and tattoo show that happened last weekend. Will post a photo of the T-shirt as soon as it arrives.