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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Venture

Well, I've ordered my very own 3D printer. I've done the research. I've talked to artist who know a thing or two about what I'm looking into. It looks like I'm getting into the toy making biz. After making a going away gift for one of my best friends, I felt that this is something that I can realistically get into. Currently me and my wife are looking into moving to a city that has more culture. Well, maybe not culture, but they like buying shit to clutter up their apartments, and why not make that my shit. Right?

A Sketch For A Toy By Phil McVann

My 3 Hour Sculpt
My interpretation of our theme and his sketch. Not to bad for 3 hours of work and teaching 2 other 2D artist how to sculpt in Zbrush at the same time.

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